4MPS (Mobility training)

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4MPS (Mobility training) is a fusion workout that combines elements of Pilates, Yoga, Cardio, Athletic Training and Martial Arts to work the entire body.

Using a wooden stick as prop, from warm-up to cool down, the focus is on performing exercises correctly throughout the workout. The wooden stick allows a better cognitive perception while performing the exercise. It enables correct postural alignment, to perform more complex mobility and stability exercises and to carry out more challenging bodyweight strength training.

Working on these key elements allows you to reach full fitness potential:

Mobility – increase the joint mobility.

The goal of working your mobility is to achieve a full range of motion is essential to fitness. Through diverse routines, 4MPS helps achieve your maximum mobility.

Posture – correcting the body alignment.

Enhance your postural awareness and control with exercises designed to help you prevent workout injuries and improve physical health.

Stability – improve stability with exercises that strengthen major muscles groups.

Balance, control and gravity are key elements for stability. Complimenting mobility (the ability to move) is stability (the ability to control movement).

Strength – build and enhance muscle power.

Strength is vital for every exercise you perform. The workout will make you stronger as you advance through the program.

The 4MPS workout is designed to build body self-control and power with the challenging moves drawn from different types of sports categories – correcting postural alignment, building a strong core that is responsible for your sense of balance, and boosting your mobility. By using the wooden stick, the workout feels unique and you will have countless exercises and routines to perform for a more effective training.

Papa Faye

Papa Faye

Papa Abdoulaye Faye (PAF) is an international presenter from Dakar, Senegal.