Reconnect Mind, Body & Soul

Class Details

A gentle hatha practice to bring awareness to the body, ease the mind and nurture spirituality. Suitable for beginners who never tried yoga before but also for seasoned yogis who want to reconnect to their roots and experience a holistic practice. We focus on alignment, pay attention to our body language and respect all limits and conditions, practicing asanas with lots of regressions and adjustments in order to benefit the most out of every posture. We explore the deep connections between the physical body, thoughts & emotions, along with ways to heal both the body and the mind.

What you get out of the class: a better posture, flexibility of movement and thought and a dash of new found spirituality.

Magda Bucur

Magda Bucur

A lot of people think you have to be super flexible or sporty to practice yoga. I am neither. But I love yoga because it teaches me every day to stay in touch with who I am. And I love to guide other people to discover that as well.