Yoga for healthy spine

Class Details

Our spine is the pillar that gives us daily support. This class is specially created to give the spine the mobility, strength and relaxation it needs to support us further. We will explore with the help of breathing techniques different positions that we will allow us to move the spine in different directions to give it a refresh.

Breathing will be the key tool that will help us dissolve the tensions in the spine, tensions that accumulate after a full day of sitting at the desk or standing.

Suitable both for beginners, who have not tried yoga before, and for those with advanced practice who want to learn more about the spine.

The desire to learn as much as possible about the spine came after I found out I had a disfunction, a cervical disc herniation. I learned how to adjust the positions, to bring suitable options for certain problems of the spine so that we can continue the practice.

Georgiana Buta

Georgiana Buta

With yoga, I learned to enjoy the present, to listen to my inner voice, and last but not least to live in a very creative and joyful way.