Roxana Rusu

Roxana Rusu

Roxana Rusu

Enjoy everything life can offer to you, each moment hides an opportunity! Through yoga, you have the opportunity to get to know yourself better, to love your body, to understand your thoughts, and to nurture your soul!

About Roxana

I’m Roxana Rusu, a down to earth Yoga Teacher, with a background in Psychology (BA & MS), trained in Solution Focused & Resources Oriented Psychotherapy and founder of Yoga & Chill.

My mission at Yoga & Chill is to counteract the effects of a hectic and stressful lifestyle by cultivating flexibility and strength of both body and mind through yoga practice. The philosophy of Yoga & Chill is that physical activity can be pleasant and fun, creating the best context for self-awareness and observation.

The yoga sessions designed by me are 100% personalized and can be  perfectly adapted to the needs and abilities of everyone, boosting self-confidence, improving focus, bringing peace of mind and a deep relaxation state, especially after long hours of working.

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