Veronica Alexe

Veronica Alexe

Veronica Alexe

Yoga helps you to look within yourself to find answers to questions of daily life and bigger questions of existence

About Veronica

Veronica Alexe grew up around sporting professionals, training and going on training camps where part of day to day life in her family – comprised of athletes and teachers.

So naturally her first career step was towards international economic relations!
As she tried distancing herself from the sporting life or a career in education, she graduated the The Bucharest University of Economic Studies earning a master’s degree in marketing as well.

Life, as it seems, had other plans for Veronica . After she finished setting up an interior design business, specialised in interior lighting, she decided to start up the Fitness Scandinavia School in 2009, alongside her life partner Richmond Bachia.

Her passion for a healthy lifestyle and sport made take course in becoming a fitness instructor as well as courses in functional training, BOSU, SFT and Yoga.

In a life full of excitement and things to do, organizing events and sales, Veronica felt a big need to start applying some relaxation techniques and that is how life led her slowly to Yoga.

At the beginning she was very drawn to the meditation and relaxation part of yoga, because that is what she needed the most, but during the years she has educated and specialized herself deeper into everything Yoga means.

Veronica sees herself as an eternal student and one of her greatest passions is to study, so she participates in as many educations as possible, from courses to workshops and seminars. In the same time she discovered that also sharing with others and teaching gives her a very positive energy and  she loves it.

Veronica is a Yoga Alliance 200h instructor, she has finalised Indian Yoga Academy course with Beko Kaygee from UK and has participated in a lot of other workshops and yoga festivals in Romania and around the world.

Veronica`s classes are a mix of breathing techniques, guided meditations, yoga postures and relaxation, according to the specific theme, which always varies.